Fourth Meeting

The last transnational meeting held under the Youth Move Project in Vigo took place on 28 and 29 January. The main objectives of the meeting were the general review of the project, the completion of pending tasks, the definition of the final dissemination event, the revision of the course version and the training activities and, finally, the decision of the dates for the delivery of the final report of the project.

It should be recalled that the general objectives of Youth Move are to promote the improvement of young people’s business skills in the area of social services, as well as to develop, in a transnational and cooperative way, a course for the creation and management of a social business in the area social and personal services.

In this meeting, members of each of the institutions involved were represented: Portuguese partners (União das Freguesias de Gondomar (S. Cosme), Valbom e Jovim), Spanish (Method Studies Consultants SLU), Romanians (Asociatia Eiva) and Bulgarians Management School).

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